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Nika Shakarami Death Cause, Who Killed Nika Shakarami Name Images Revealed!

Nika Shakarami Death Cause, Who Killed Nika Shakarami Name Images Revealed! Nika Shakarami, an Iranian teenager believed to have disappeared days ago was finally found after numerous investigations. However, police told families that Nika was dead and she had took her own life. The aunt and mother of the deceased teenager were later heard to be ranting about the government, including that Nika was not going to commit suicide but her identification photos and then her body as well had bruises. In the following days her mother and aunt claimed that the teen was killed. The story is spreading fast across the internet, and protesters in Iran are rallying and protesting for Nika.

Nika Shakarami Death Cause, Who Killed Nika Shakarami Name Images Revealed!

Nika Shakarami Death Cause

September 20 20th, 2022, 16-years old Nika was missing since she was last heard to go to a protest organized in protest against Mahsa Amini. The protest was held in Tehran. Nika’s mother claimed that her daughter was missing. 10 days later, they received an email from the police stating that their daughter fell off the top of a building, and then taken her own life. Police also declared that Nika was put under stress, which isn’t the case since Nika’s mom claimed that her daughter’s photos and her body, which were displayed to identify her were covered in bruises. The swelling of her face her nose was cracked and her skull was fractured too. Nika’s mother claimed the family was never permitted to view the body of their daughter however, after a disagreement for a few minutes the family was allowed.

Her mother Nasrin along with her grandmother Atash was seen speaking out against the government organizations and claimed they believe that Nika’s daughter was murdered and she was not suicide. Nika was also seen at the protest. Nasrin and Atash claim that Nika was killed following the protest. Atash the aunt of Nika claimed that officials demanded that they not have the funeral of their daughter Nika and, without listening, they decided to hold the funeral. Atash shared on social media that they were planning to hold a funeral for Nika on October 2 2nd on October 20, 2022, when Nika celebrated her 17 birthday. anniversary in Khorramabad and she urged those who would like to help Nika and her family to come along.

Who Killed Nika Shakarami

Atash later was detained along with her husband following a published post about the funeral online. The media reported the news of the arrest and the statement of Atash she stated that Nika was thrown off a structure and committed suicide, which was totally different from the earlier statement she made. The interview was released on 5 day 10th of the month, October 20, 2022. Nasrin Nisha’s mother stated that her daughter was forced to speak the statement and that she was watched by a strict set of eyes. The body of Nika, which was buried in Khorramabad was later moved to another location in order to be seen by protesters. However, the protestors joined and protested at Nika’s burial site.



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