Naagin 6 17th June 2023, Written Episode Full Update Watch Online Streaming On Voot!

We will provide a written update on Naagin 6. The most famous show, Naagin 6. Naagin 6 has been running for six years and has a amazing TRP on TV. The show has a strong popularity among fans. The story has reached an unexpected turn in the show, and has generated suspense in the minds of fans. New lead characters are introduced to the series. Pararthana was eliminated from the show but an additional girl is able to take over her place of Shesh Naagin. The new season on the show bringing good things to the show.

Naagin 6 17th June 2023, Written Episode Full Update Watch Online Streaming On Voot!

Naagin 6 17th June 2023

She insists that she will never think about it. Ryana questions her about what she hasn’t told them about the boyfriend, which the girl denies, but Pragati affirms that Raghav was her lover. She requests that she convince her to not be around Raghav. Ryana throws drinks at her, and says she is not daring to admit this, and then adds Raghav is my boyfriend. Pragati claims that Raghav was sitting with her in a awkward position. Ryana is able to pull her friend’s hair, then scolds her. She says that Raghav is mine.

Raghav is there and says that Pragati has started a fight between two girls. He asks if she’s being a bit guilty, she shouldn’t pay notice. His heart has more space for her. Raghave arrives to two girls and escalates the conflict between the two. On the other side, Mahek comes to the Den’s entrance Den to unlock the door. She claims she will unlock the door at all costs. She uses her powers, but it does not work. Swarna appears to be Shesh Naagin, but she’s unsuccessful in opening the door. Prathana is claiming she’s back to get revenge.

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