Monika Thakuri Suicide Reason, Why Did Tiktok Star Moon Dgaf Commit Suicide Images And Bio Explored!

Monika Thakuri was a well-known Cupid Show performer and TikTok producer. She committed suicide. Many people have already made assumptions about the cause of her death, and argue that suicide isn’t a realistic way to solve problems. Continue reading to learn more about the Cupid contestant. Monica Thakuri, a Nepalese-born woman who was also a Cupid Show contestant in 2023, is renowned for her Tiktok videos. She made Tiktok videos with her brother Lemon Thakuri and posted them online. She has a YouTube Channel, but there are currently no videos.

Monika Thakuri Suicide Reason, Why Did Tiktok Star Moon Dgaf Commit Suicide Images And Bio Explored!

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Monika Thakuri Suicide

Monika Thakuri, a well-known Cupid Show competitor and Tiktok producer of content, has passed away. Pradip Singh Thapa posted on Facebook the news about Monika Thakuri. He is the director/producer for the Nepali Film Industry at Thapa ji Films Some sources claim that Monika Thakuri committed suicide. The current topic of discussion is her death. Some people claim that they haven’t believed the news yet, while others say she died because of online abuse due to her participation in the Cupid Program. Even her family does not know the exact reason for her death.

Lemon Thakuri’s brother Monica apologized to her for not understanding what was happening in her life. He also revealed screenshots from her texts. He said that he did not know what was happening in her life, despite having the opportunity to speak with her just three days earlier. He urged everyone to consider their loved ones’ mental health, as it is very important. Bullying and passing judgement on others are also wrong. Monika Thakuri has left everyone exhausted from the grief, prayers for her afterlife and condolences shared on social media. May her soul rest in peace.

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