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Melissa Etheridge’s CBD Brand and Cancer-Fighting Story

What made this Grammy award-winning star want to become a cannapreneur? Melissa Etheridge underwent significant life events that changed her perspective on marijuana and its uses. Through this change in mindset, Etheridge CBD products entered the market.

The singer’s weed business model and marketing differ from other artists who’ve started marijuana brands. Free cannabis seeds and getting high weren’t part of her advertising plan. Etheridge wanted to aim her goods at a different array of consumers.

Melissa Etheridge’s CBD Brand and Cancer-Fighting Story


Read on to learn more about Melissa Etheridge, her life story, and how she became part of the world of weed.

Who is Melissa Etheridge?

Born in 1961, Melissa Etheridge is a Grammy award-winning singer, musician, guitarist, and songwriter. The star can also add an entrepreneur to her list of titles.

Melissa Etheridge is a breast cancer survivor and now advocates for using cannabis and CBD products as medicine.

Etheridge has a fantastic music career, topping the charts numerous times. Her raspy vocals have achieved 15 Grammy nominations and two wins. She’s released multiple albums and songs that awarded her with many honors.

The singer is involved in the LGBTQ community and came out in 1993. She’s married and divorced several times and has four children. Unfortunately, Etheridge lost her son Beckett Cypher in 2020 due to an opioid overdose.

In 2010, the celebrity started a relationship with Linda Wallam, and the couple tied the knot in 2014. Born on the same day, they co-own and co-founded Etheridge Botanicals and Etheridge Organics.

Etheridge sang the National Anthem at the AFC Championship in 2019 and got the words right, unlike Eric Burton. Honoring the privilege to do something so significant shows what kind of woman she is.

Fighting Cancer, the Etheridge Way

Melissa Etheridge had breast cancer in 2004 after finding a lump while on tour. She flew home and was later diagnosed with stage two of the disease. The large tumor only contaminated one lymph node, and she could begin treatment.

Etheridge underwent a lumpectomy, removing all 15 nodes to ensure the illness didn’t spread. Five rounds of chemotherapy and radiation followed. 

Due to the star not working, doctors increased her chemotherapy dosage, and she suffered from the drug’s adverse side effects.

Etheridge received countless medications to counter her reaction to treatment. She never used some of these drugs.

This period is when her appreciation for the herb developed. Etheridge believes marijuana helped her overcome the effects of the chemo and manage her gastrointestinal issues.

She advocates that we should consider using weed as medicine like it was centuries ago.

People worldwide also believe in the plant’s reported health benefits. Many enthusiasts purchase cannabis products from the best seed banks in America to grow and use for treating various conditions.

The singer never shied away from the camera or public eye as she battled her cancer. In 2005, Etheridge performed a tribute to Janis Joplin while bald. Her fans consider this one of her most iconic moments.

Etheridge’s CBD use as a form of medicine helped her win the most challenging race of her life. She is now cancer free.

Melissa Etheridge Becomes a Cannapreneur

The star’s experience with medical marijuana encouraged her to venture into the ever-growing cannabis industry. 

Before Melissa Etheridge’s health problems began, she was only a light weed user. She never bought or rolled her own herbs but partook if someone offered.

Etheridge Farms opened in 2018, which the singer co-founded. In 2019, the business obtained the first Santa Cruz County license to manufacture and distribute cannabis products. From there, Etheridge Botanicals and Etheridge Organics began.

The Botanicals branch is Melissa Etheridge’s marijuana line. Her high-end weed merchandise is available in numerous dispensaries in California. 

Etheridge Organics is Melissa Etheridge’s CBD company. In a recent interview about her products, the star stated, “It’s some of the best CBD medicine you can get.”

She realizes that the marijuana industry is vast but hopes to target middle-aged women, especially first-time users. The celeb understands that many people rely on prescription medications and alcohol to relax in the evenings.

Etheridge wants to change the mindset of these women and show that weed can be healthier for the body. Converting the stigmas around cannabis and advocating for the herb’s medicinal benefits is her primary objective for the brand.

Melissa Etheridge’s Future

From advocating for the LGBTQ community to doing the same for the marijuana circle, there’s no place where Etheridge won’t go. She puts all her efforts and thoughts into ensuring everyone hears her voice when she believes in something.

Melissa Etheridge’s CBD oils and high-end weed products make her an integral part of the marijuana industry. Winning the fight against cancer, topping music charts, and selling pre-rolled joints, the star isn’t stopping.



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