KSI Racial Slur Video Viral On Social Media, KSI apologizes for using racist slur in Sidemen video Watch Full Clip Online!

The popular social media star KSI apologizes to the public for using racist remarks in a video on Youtube. The news is becoming viral on the internet. This is the most talked about issue on all social media platforms. KSI has become the top viewed person in social networks. KSi is currently in the middle of the latest controversy. The fans of the singer are sad after he announced that he would be taking himself off of every social media site. The public is now eager to learn about him, and they would like to know why he’s apologized. What was his mistake? What is the reason he has decided to remove him from his accounts on social networks? We have done the matter thoroughly and have found that people we’ve spoken with have provided lots of details about him to us. We will provide every bit of information we have with you.

KSI Racial Slur Video Viral On Social Media, KSI apologizes for using racist slur in Sidemen video Watch Full Clip Online!

KSI is a well-known social media star. The rapper is an actor, boxer, songwriter, and YouTuber. His birth date was the 19th of June 1993 at London, England. He is Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji. His real name on stage is KSI. He’s aged 29. His height is 183cm. He is very well-known in social networks. Fans love watching him. He is the son of Jide Olatunji and his mother’s name is Yinka Atinuke. KSI graduated from Berkhamsted School in Berkhamsted.

KSI Racial Slur Video

KSI began his YouTube career in the year 2009. He uploads music, entertainment comedy, as well as gaming video for specific purposes. There are more than 24 million viewers to the Youtube channel. He has also influenced many hip-hop songs that are popular music. The debut music video back in the year 2015. In boxing, He has fought in one bout and won the fight. He is an undisputed champion in all zones. He’s a fan of doing everything.

Over the past few days, he’s been confronted by controversy. The reason for this stems from the fact that he said some offensive words in his latest Youtube video. Many people are extremely upset about the YouTuber. One person said that this is extremely disappointing to KSI and his staff. The viewer stated that a lot of his students are watching his videos for entertainment reasons however he has now taken his audience to the wrong place, employing offensive words in his videos. KSI apologized for using the Racist Slur in the video, and He also said that he will be removing himself from all social media site. This was the whole reason for this issue.

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