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Kim Jung Gi Death Video, What Was Kim Jung Gi Cause Of Death & Reason, Explored!

Kim Jung Gi Death Video, What Was Kim Jung Gi Cause Of Death & Reason, Explored! The work that takes many artists months or weeks to make Kim Jung Gi only hours. The highly acclaimed South Korean artist crafted sprawling intricately detailed scenes at amazing speed, often before an audience of live viewers. He spoke as he created by sharing his work with his fans who were captivated when he completed an entire work of art in front of their eyes. Kim was a well-known comic artist, passed away abruptly this week Kim, a renowned comic artist, died suddenly this week, the U.S. agent told CNN. He was 47.

Kim Jung Gi Death Video, What Was Kim Jung Gi Cause Of Death & Reason, Explored!

He was visiting Paris to exhibit the work of his when he felt chest pains shortly prior to his scheduled travel into New York, where he was to be a guest at Comic Con. He was taken to a hospital in which he passed away according to a post published through his social networks verified accounts.

A lifetime artist, Kim got his start drawing in the South Korean comics publication Young Jump before he developed his own manhwa. It’s a type similar to a South Korean comic, called “Tiger the Long Tail” also known as “TLT.”

He was famous as a live drawer Kim filled blank canvases with intricately detailed scenes were often drawn without reference images. He would create scenes with sketches he’d collected and saved to memory and then transfer them to paper. He explained to the magazine for artists Visual Atelier that for his most expansive pieces, he had around “60 percent of the picture inside (his) mind” and then improvised the remainder.

Additionally, he was a teacher in academic institutions as well as lecturing at universities on manhwa. In his lectures to students, he focused on his ability to ” be able to visualize the moment” by combining experiences from their day-to-day lives with images that they create in their minds. “It’s awful when you are unable to draw what’s inside your mind,” he said in the June interview.

The Daniel Maghen Editions gallery, which was where he exhibited his works in Paris before his passing there was a crowd of people formed a line around the block to get the chance to lie on the floor and observe the artist as he worked. While in Paris He also finished a Batman-themed drawing with Batman, the Dark Knight, Catwoman and some of the greatest superheroes’ adversaries, as well as an art piece that was inspired by soccer for Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Jim Lee, publisher and chief creative officer at DC Comics, called Kim “one of the greatest” in an ode to Kim, the Korean artist who often created covers for DC comics and took part in drawing classes with the company.

“@KimJungGiUS was a truly amazing talent whose brush and pen power captivated and inspired millions of fans across the globe,” Lee tweeted. “While he created some amazing comics but most of all, it was his actual drawings and his sketchbooks on his travels, his life and hopes that resonated with me the most. Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski also echoed Lee’s praise: “There was no one more like (Kim),” he stated about the artist, who also created Marvel comics’ covers.

Kim’s frequent coworker Hyun Jin Kim, with whom worked at Superani Studio, a creative group composed of Asian artists and creatives. posted a brief note along with the news of Kim’s passing “After having been so generous to us, it’s now time to lay down your brushes. Thank you Jung Gi.”



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