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Khalid Al-Misslam Death Cause And Reason, How Did Khalid Al-Misslam Die? What Happened To Him!

Following the death news of one reporter, Grant Wahl, suddenly while reporting on the news from the World cup, another reporter from Qatar is now gone. Name of reporter that died is Khalid-Al-Misslam who died after the demise announcement of Wahl was made public. Grant died in the last week, and within a couple of days, Qatari reporter Khalid died. This was shocking to many people who watched the world cup, as well as for the journalists and two other reporters perished one after another exactly in the same way. Keep an eye on us as we cover everything in depth about the deaths of two reporters as well as the consequences.

Khalid Al-Misslam Death Cause And Reason, How Did Khalid Al-Misslam Die? What Happened To Him!

Khalid Al-Misslam Death Cause

Khalid who died was journalist from Qatar. He was a photojournalist who was reporting on the world cup when he began to suddenly fell down and died. The death announcement was made at the beginning of Monday. The reporter died at the end of Sunday night. Gulf times reported that Khalid died during the game. The report also notes their belief in mercy and forgiveness of God and they also sent their sincerest condolences for the loved ones of Khalid and all his loved ones. Though there are many theories about Khalid’s death Khalid’s exact reason for death was not specified.

Khalid died exactly the identical manner Wahl died The two deaths occurred days after each other. Wahl was just 48 when he fell ill suddenly and died. According to the reports, Wahl was struck by an untimely heart attack while he was reporting the match of Argentina as well as the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the tournament that took place in Doha. While many of the fans and their friends were expressing their gratitude to Wahl and his team, those who were present with Wahl claimed that the journalist was sitting back and fell asleep on his chair in the additional period of time. After being checked, the reporter’s condition, he did not respond. There are numerous theories about the cause of his death.

How Did Khalid Al-Misslam Die

Brother of Wahl previously made many theories and accusations about the media and the organisers of the event since his brother was denied to enter the venue sporting a rainbow-colored LGBTQ pride community T-shirt. After Wahl’s death news was made public, people started to notice it a few days following Khalid’s death news also went on the internet. It was reported that while reporting on the quarter-finals the reporter fell down and upon further investigation, the situation, it was announced that Khalid died. Many speculate that there was that there was a motive behind the deaths of the journalists who died suddenly.

Although there aren’t any reports of any criminal activity or other but it’s possible that Wahl may have died because of a cardiac attack, however, Khalid’s death is a hot topic too. A day prior to the death of Wahl Khalid, he posted on the internet details about his participation in the Qatari world cup. He also declared that the government and the world cup’s death snot are not about people. He also made fun of the government, saying that they are not supportive of LGBTQ people. LGBTQ and openly substacked the LGBTQ community as well.



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