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Kemper Durrand Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Kemper Durrand Death Hoax And Rumors!

Kemper Durrand Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Kemper Durrand Death Hoax And Rumors! Memphis police reported earlier the disappearance of the Tennessee woman. They said the woman disappeared after she jogged. She is currently believed to be taken by a criminal who sentenced her to 20 years in prison for a prior case. According to the reports, Eliza Fletcher was the woman missing when she was out jogging near the University of Memphis. Eliza disappeared last week and was being searched, however, a CCTV video confirmed that the woman was taken in the University area. DNA prints also revealed that the person who took her was none other than 38-year-old Cleotha Abston. We would like to know more detail about the situation and more about Cleotha and her family.

Kemper Durrand Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Kemper Durrand Death Hoax And Rumors!

Kemper Durrand Dead

The police took a DNA sample from one of the sandals that were near the spot in which Eliza was reported missing, and conducted tests on the sample. It was discovered that the person who abducted her was not a different person than 38-year-old old Cleotha Abston. He was arrested immediately. Police identified the vehicle that was captured on CCTV and used for the kidnapping. They also located the house at which Abston was believed to be sleeping. Abston was detained on Saturday and is now in the custody of the police. The police have arrested the suspect however there is no information on the whereabouts of Eliza. A tweet was posted by Memphis police about an unidentified dead body found however it wasn’t of Eliza.

Police have confirmed that Eliza was fighting and the abductor was trying really hard to grab her and place her in the car according to the CCTV. The police have stated by officers that Eliza may have suffered injuries since it was evident that she was trying to resist the grasp of the abductor. Since the case is being investigated, the location of Eliza and her location as well as the latest information regarding her whereabouts have not been released by law enforcement. In relation to the case, previously, Cleotha had been involved in a matter where he kidnapped an attorney for whom he was sentenced to prison for over 20 years. Then, Eliza was kidnapped by an SUV, she was found missing the same day that she disappeared.

Kemper Durrand Death Hoax

Police have said that Abston took an attorney previously known as Durrand in the past. Abston was just 16 at the time. Durrand was also taken away and Abston was in his car and, at gunpoint, he demanded the attorney take the money from an ATM. When they reached an ATM when the attorney shouted for help, which was recognized by an officer, and he was freed. Afterward, Abston was detained for an entire 20 years. In that time, Durrand died within just two years after Abston’s release. As of today there’s no information about Abston having been involved in any crime that was not abduction and an armed theft. Family members of Eliza have released a video where they request any assistance from the public and have said they would provide the source of information with 50k dollars also.



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