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Jimin Makeup Artist Video Leaked On Social Media Watch Here Full Video

Jimin Makeup Artist Video Leaked On Social Media Watch Here Full Video  Worldwide, the Korean band “BTS”, is very popular. They are loved by young girls and women all over the globe, not only for their amazing music but also because of their attractive members. This is how one makeup artist left BTS to be with Jimin. The famed BTS member caused this makeup artist to quit her job as a professional artist. She shared her reasons for quitting her job at BTS by uploading a video.


In the video, the young makeup artist admits that BTS members are extremely respectful and grateful artists and people. However, Jimin from BTS is the kindest and most kind, so she quit her job and didn’t stay there long. Surprising, isn’t it? Many of her friends were jealous of this woman, but she had an unusual reason that made her afraid of falling in love with Jimin.

Jimin Makeup Artist Video

As Jimin’s generous personality was too approachable, the young girl agreed to work for another Korean band if she did. The majority of the ARMY supported her decision as they understood that it was difficult to not fall in love while spending time with Jimin.

Jimin has always been controversial. Previously, many media outlets reported that Jimin almost lost his home when the National Health Insurance Service took possession of the house after he failed to pay his premiums. The singer is also involved in another controversy as his foreclosure of the property was recently leaked online. Follow For More Update

He is affectionately known as baby Mochi and is enjoying a lot of love and popularity for his latest OST, With You. For this, he collaborated with Ha Sung Woon from the show Our Blues. Even though he tried to avoid the scandal, the singer ended up on the wrong side of the controversy. According to the report, a “Blind” employee wrote about this happening. The report stated that the post was last updated 7 hours before the publication of the first news article. You would need to know the 13 digits of Jimin’s social security number in order to view the document. It seems that someone knew Jimin’s personal information well.



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