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Is Lulu Hassan Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Rumors Debunked!

Is Lulu Hassan Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Rumors Debunked! Lulu, a well-known and respected Kenyan businesswoman, is currently attracting a lot of attention. After her death, rumors began to circulate on social media platforms. Rumors about her existence are raising questions that divide the audience. One side believes the rumors, while another waits for official confirmation. All these rumors give rise to a lot of hype for the entrepreneur. After the announcement of Rehema Konde’s death, rumors about her death went viral. Find out more about Lulu Hassan’s death or life.

Is Lulu Hassan Dead Or Alive?

Is Lulu Hassan Dead Or Alive?

We mentioned that she is a prominent businesswoman in Kenya. She is an entrepreneur and anchor for Citizen Tv’s Kenyan Free-to-Air television network. It is regarded as the country’s most-watched television channel. Lulu Hassan is a journalist and has been acclaimed in Kenya as one of the most prominent anchors for Swahili news. This versatile journalist is also an expert in the business. Follow For More Update

We mentioned above that rumors about her death began circulating online after the death of Rehema Konde, also known as Bi Salama, a renowned actress. People are curious about her life as the news is spreading from one platform to the next, but the famous and talented person is still alive and well. Rumors about Hasan are merely rumors. Hasan and her family are safe and happy. Rehema Kande, Hasan’s companion actress, has died. The cause is currently under investigation. All rumors will need to be cleared up.

Users and others who discovered that Hasan was alive, but Bi Salama died, are now trying to discover the link between the death and life hoaxes of Hassan & Bi Salama. Salama, Hassan and her best friend were best friends and Hassan is currently mourning her death. You can follow her Instagram account at @loulou Hassan to see her daily updates and share your thoughts.



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