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Is Debanhi Escobar Dead Or Alive? 18 Years Old Missing Mexican Girl Accused Name And Pictures

Is Debanhi Escobar Dead Or Alive? 18 Years Old Missing Mexican Girl Accused Name And Pictures On the 9th of April, a girl vanished from Escobedo. The girl’s name was Debanhi Susana. She is 18 years old. She goes to Farm Bittu’s friends. The farm was found in Nueva Castilla. At most, 17-18 women are reported to have disappeared. Her family makes extortion calls for money and tries to rob them. The young girl’s family was extremely upset and wanted their daughter back as soon as possible. The family stated that they don’t lose heart and will do everything possible to bring my daughter back. They are full of tension, hoping for the best, and sad that they haven’t seen their daughter in a while. Keep checking our blog for more information about the missing girl

Is Debanhi Escobar Dead Or Alive?

Also, the police start inquiries in Escobedo to ask each citizen. Police management tried to locate her, and they claimed that she was soon found. Our family made every effort to find our daughter. The family also seeks the assistance of neighbors and people living nearby in order to learn more about their daughter. There is not much information available. her. Our family members claimed that the kidnapper took a lot from us. Day-old informs her friends and questions them, but no result has been obtained. Instagram shows that the signal last occurred at Neuva Castilla.

Is Debanhi Escobar Dead Or Alive?

The police department spread the information about the girl’s face and physical identity. A woman was identified as an 18-year-old girl with a pale complexion and thin hair. They also found a scar on her right hand and chin. Last time, she wore a white camisole and dark skirt with black canvas boot sneakers. She also owns dresses. According to sources, the girls’ friends left the meeting early. They also booked a taxi with a trusted contact for her. The cab driver was the last person to be with her.

On Tuesday morning, the police took a suspect into custody in relation to the disappearance of a girl aged 18. who was a lost Sen on Saturday, the 9th April. The 46-year-old man who was in custody was involved in the case. According to sources, he was involved in a relationship with the girl and the event that she was absent. But for now, it is too early to tell because the police say everything is still unclear. For more information, please visit our website.



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