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Is Chicco Twala Arrested? Allegation Charges And Reason Explained!

Is Chicco Twala Arrested? Allegation Charges And Reason Explained! On social media, news broke that Chicco Twala, a music producer, was arrested Monday. According to reports, he was accused of pointing a gun at a City Power technician Sunday night and assaulting him. The news spread quickly on social media platforms and is now a viral sensation. People are looking for information about the incident. Why was he arrested? The news of his arrest spread quickly and shocked many people. They searched desperately for information. We have more information on the news. Let’s keep going.

Is Chicco Twala Arrested?

Is Chicco Twala Arrested?

According to the report Chicco Twala was arrested by Tyhe crops. He has been charged with assaulting and pointing out an area power worker with guns. Power has been out in the area since Wednesday. Technicians have arrived to investigate the situation. Twala claims that he mistook the city power worker for thieves who steal power cables. There is a trending statement from him that reads as follows Follow For More Update

“My arrest is evidence that my law-abiding status is not in question. I can be arrested if anyone files criminal charges against me. The complainant filed criminal charges against me and the crops were taken away from me. Haters claim I corrupt judges, crops, and Beggiecele. I am not able to defend my son who is being accused by hate groups of killing Senoz Meyiwa. How can I get the money I need to bribe these powerful people? And why should I defend a murderer? Scroll down to get more news information.

My arrest news is a blessing to me. It proves to me that I am not above law. However, there is more to his statement than that. Why is he talking about Senzo Meyiwa rather than the city power employees? He has been arrested not for Meyiwa, but for pointing out city officials with guns.



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