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iker casillas and puyol video, Is Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol Gay Or Not Explored!

iker casillas and puyol video, Is Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol Gay Or Not Explored! After a strange interaction on social media, Spain’s legends Iker Casillas & Carles Puyol were in serious trouble. Although they were on opposite sides of El Clasico, Casillas was Real Madrid and Barcelona’s captain for many years. However, Puyol and Puyol enjoyed friendship while being regulars in Spain’s national team. Both are now retired with Casillas retiring in 2020 and Puyol ending his career in 2014. Casillas’ personal life has been extensively covered in Spain since his retirement. This was much to his dismay. This was evident because Twitter hosted a pair posts that caused confusion, and then consternation.

iker casillas and puyol video, Is  Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol Gay Or Not Explored!

iker casillas and puyol video

A tweet was sent to Iker Casillas on Sunday, October 9 in Spanish. It stated: “Please respect my gay status #HappySunday.” A reply was received from Carles Puyol in Spanish just minutes later. It stated, translated into English, “It’s time to tell our stories, Iker” and included a kissing heart emoticon. Many believed that something was wrong due to the strange nature of the announcement, and the lack of emotion. It was a strange way to announce an important moment. However, gay communities initially celebrated having an ally on such a popular and large platform. As speculation grew about the nature of the tweets’ contents, they were finally deleted just a few hours later. Casillas then posted another time, claiming his account had been hacked.

The tweet said “Hacked account”, which was translated into English from Spanish. “Fortunately everything is in order. My apologies to all my fans. Also, apologies to my LGBT friends. Puyol posted an apology for the “clumsy joke” he described. The tweet was posted in Spanish and translated into English. It reads: “I made a mistake. I am sorry for the clumsy joke. It was not meant to be offensive, but it was completely out of place. It may have been a sensitive subject for you. I offer my support and respect to the LGTBIQA+ Community.”

While Iker Casillas’ announcement was new and was well-received by many, some were still concerned about the strange nature of the post. Soon, Spanish media began to report that the Casillas position was fake. According to Spanish publication AS the post by Casillas was intended as a sarcastic humor, and was directed at the Spanish media for their incessant coverage about his personal life after he separated from Sara Carbonero in 2021.

s Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol Gay

“After these rumors generated repercussions, Casillas responded publicly with a striking statement that caught many of his fans by surprise. It is not about hacking,” wrote AS in Spanish. Translated to English. “The ex-goalkeeper for Real Madrid has posted a sarcastic tweet on Twitter to demand that media stops leaking false information about his courtships which have increased since his heartbreak with Sara Carbonero. Spanish publication El Mundo also reported on this theory. However, they did not report it as fact but simply passed it along. El Mundo wrote that “one of the most popular theories was also that it was Casillas’ reaction to the news today linking him with Alejandra Onieva (sister of Inigo Onieva) and former sister-in law of Tamara Falco.” El Mundo points out, however, that Casillas would not be the first to respond to media coverage about his private life. Casillas had reacted angrily a month before to Hello! The magazine’s coverage on a boat trip where Casillas was spotted with Maria Jose Camacho.

Casillas claims his account was hacked but there are no evidence to support that. Puyol’s response admitting that he made an off-color joke undercuts Casillas’ excuse. Spanish media reports seem to dismiss this possibility. Many people reacted furiously to the Puyol and Casillas tweets. Pride in Football, a UK fan group, issued a strongly condemned statement. This statement supported the notion that Casillas’ tweet was a joke and stated: “We shouldn’t be seeing jokes at the expense of other people in 2022 or ever.”



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