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Hema Chaudhary Death Video CCTV Footage, Noida Woman Fakes Her Death, Who Is Payal Bhati Explained!

We are back, everyone! The Internet has a myriad of bizarre and sinister stories. Here we have another which comes from Noida in which the victim fakes death by murdering the Mall employee and then dressing the corpse in clothing. It was hard to believe their eyes when the news began to circulate on social media websites. The suspect woman and her boyfriend murdered the woman, and then totally changed the story and later that later, on the same day, buried the suicide note. The identity of suspect has been identified to be Payal Bhati.

Payal Bhati Death Video CCTV Footage, Noida Woman Fakes Her Death, Who Is Hema Chaudhary Explained!

Hema Chaudhary Death Video

She feeds herself to death by murdering another woman. We’d like to extend our sincere condolences for the victim and wish the soul of her rest at peace. The boyfriend’s name was revealed to be Ajay Thakur. Both were together as they planned the crime. But who would be the perpetrator and who committed the crime? This deceased body bore a similar appearance and was found by the police. They also discovered suicide notes with her name on it. They’re completely convinced by the story after a thorough investigation that lasted for several days.

They were able to look up the patterns and unusual summer items for a lack of matching. The suicide letter noted that her face was burnt and she had no desire to live a lonely life. She would never be able find anyone who was special. Family members and relatives of the woman over were grieved when the suicide notice was revealed. They shattered the costs of the fake dead body. she also offered her own clothing and clothes. Family relatives who were deceased made a claim against her. The victim was missing since the 12th of November.

They will face charges of murder and kidnapping in the near future and we pray they’ll be handed Harsh punishment following the trial. Police have plenty of evidence and an arguments regarding the case. the two attempt to defend themselves, claiming that their relatives and brother-in-law had been threatening them for money. They’re not creating stories to escape the issue. They also drag his grandfather in this.

They have accused the couple of forcing marriage. she had a desire to get married to someone who her relatives did not like which is why she was forced to take on the crime in order to get cash. It’s a truly horrific story and there’s a flow of support for the victim on social media sites. hashtags are trending in support of justice for her and it could be a difficult matter, but the verdict is expected to be released within a couple of days.



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