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Ethan Reyes Cause Of Death, What Happened To Him? How Did Ethan Reyes Die!

Ethan Reyes Cause Of Death, What Happened To Him? How Did Ethan Reyes Die! Ethan Reyes, a rapper, was brutally murdered by a teenager. Ethan was also a teenager. Kelvin, who was also known as Notti Osama was 14 years old. He was stabbed numerous times and was manslaughter severely. People were shocked and saddened to hear about Ethan’s death and sent prayers to his family. Ethan died on the 9 th July 2022. The news quickly spread like wildfire. The news was shared by many and eventually the accused was taken into police custody.

Ethan Reyes Cause Of Death

Ethan Reyes Cause Of Death

Kelvin Martinez stabbed Ethan to death. He was also a teenager. Martinez was later charged with first-degree murder. The police have not revealed the motive for the killing or the dispute. According to police, there was a dispute between Ethen and Kelvin. Ether was then stabbed by Kelvin. Kelvin was also injured and later released by hospital. Ethen, who is just 15 years old, was convicted of the heinous crime. Kelvin was put to sleep in his house during house arrest. He was not allowed to leave the house for a time before being arrested.

Ethan was known more by his stage name Notti Osama, his brother, and a rapper whose stagename is DD Osama. DD asked his brother why he left him. He replied that it was easier to die. Ethan was described by a friend as having a million-dollar smile. He lit up everywhere he went and was the life and soul of the party. In the obituary, many of his friends stated that Ethan was bright and loved everyone. He would always rap and wanted to be a rapper. Ethan was described by another friend as a kind and generous person.

How Did Ethan Reyes Die

Ethan’s elder friend said that Ethan wanted a career as a rapper and that he was a talented rapper. Ethan was a great musician and had more than 10k subscribers to his YouTube channel. Many people said Ethan was a bright and talented man. Ethan’s friends created a $10,000 go fund me page. The page has raised 5700 dollars so far to pay for Ethan’s funeral. Kelvin, who is only 15 years old, will be treated fairly. Police on Sunday stated that he would be facing charges.



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