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Elias Theodorou Cause Of Death & Reason, How Did Elias Theodorou Die?

Elias Theodorou Cause Of Death & Reason, How Did Elias Theodorou Die? An article of shock news is being released states that the world has been forced to is losing another champion. The world of wrestling is mourning the sudden death of followers of the champion. They are shocked and are unable to accept this news. It is difficult to believe this news. The name of the person who died has been identified as Elias Theodorou whose death news is trending online and his followers believe that this is a fake death announcement. Unfortunately, this story is factual as the UFC champion truly died, and not in the same way as us. Fans are devastated by this news and after seeing the death announcement they’re not buying it since the deceased was only 34 years old at the time of his dying.

Elias Theodorou Cause Of Death & Reason, How Did Elias Theodorou Die?

Elias Theodorou Cause Of Death

The MMA world is grieving after the news was revealed that an ex-UFC state had passed and the cause of the death was determined to be cancer. According to news reports, he died following a loss to cancer in his liver. He was fighting stage 4 liver cancer, but the doctor did not inform him of any details about it and kept his treatment from other people and was fighting until 18th December 2021, a three-round defeat to Bryan Baker in the event of the Colorado Combat Club. Prior to that, Theodorou was five years old and participating in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and came promoted following his victory in the title match of “The Ultimate Fighter: Nations” which was a middleweight competition that took place in 2014.

He was a top wrestler who had a great record in the UFC prior to being eliminated by the organization following an inconsistent decision that was a snub on Derek Brunson in the year 2019. People who are avidly following or watching wrestling are aware of his name and that is the reason why the world is crying over the loss of his career. Because of his amazing fight skills, he’s recognized as the first professional sportsperson from the United States. He was also the attorney who argued for cannabis to be removed from the list that banned cannabis by USADA. Now, people are searching for him and want his to return, but that won’t be done.

How Did Elias Theodorou Die?

The passing of Elias is acknowledged from Aaron Bronsteter the journalist of MMA who was a part of TSN published a blog post in which he said the following “Unfortunately, representative of Elias has asserted in the reports that he handed away and at that time he was 34 years old.” The fans of Elias are constantly offering their sympathy and condolences as well as paying tributes to Elias. Many of his followers want to participate in the funeral, however, no information currently available. Many of the fighters have shared their thoughts on the demise of Elias Theodorou. Belal Muhammad, the welterweight fighter of the UFC posted, “Rest In Peace.”



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