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DJ ISA Video Vazados Pack Leaked Video On Social Media, Youtube Twitter And Reddit Scandal Explained!

DJ ISA Video Vazados Pack Leaked Video On Social Media, Youtube Twitter And Reddit Scandal Explained! Recently, a piece of news is trending on the web, Dj ISA video Vazados video and photos have leaked on the Onlyfans and Reddit. This video is a father and a daughter’s video. This video has gained immense attention from the people. Yes, we are talking about legendary DJ Choc, father of Amapiano singer Lady DU. This news has raised several questions in the mind of the people. people are wondering about the news, what is the entire matter and what actually happened. People are searching for several things in the news. Here we will try to tell you the entire details of this article, so read the complete article for better knowledge. Let’s continue the article.

DJ ISA Video Vazados Pack Leaked Video

DJ ISA Video Vazados Pack Leaked Video

According to the report, In a statement, which he has shared on Instagram, he told that the video was sent to a family member and not for social media platforms. On the basis of his daughter, the video was filmed and shared with the family member to vent his dissatisfaction with Mrs. Du’s alleged stories about her childhood. These allegations are baseless and unfounded.” Several things to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section.

According to the clip, DJ Choc Chides Mrs. Du for saying she was poor since was a kid. What is she now? She didn’t raise up poor, she had everything she wants. She becomes because of him. Now you take him for a piece of shit. However, she can tell people that she raise up poor,” he explained. In his statement, he said his motive was to clear his daughter’s growth. His intentions were not wrong in the resulting social media drama. However, he admit that she could have managed it better and he apologize for the issue. Follow For More Update

Ms. Du explained to TshisaLIVE that her post was taken out of context. “She had depression in 2021. She lost everything she had. She was so far from home and didn’t want to bother him with her issues and things. This is a motivational post. She said she grew up poor and it has nothing to do with her.” she added that someone misunderstand her post, this was not her intention, which happened on social media. We have shared all the details, which we know about the news. If we get any details we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.



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