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Debbie Lechtanski Death Cause And Reason, How Did Debbie Lechtanski Die? What Happened To Him!

A South Bend couple living together was killed and shot however the motive behind it was not clear and could be extremely threatening. The couple wasn’t either young or middle-aged, however, they clearly were an older couple that had changed over the years and was killed and shot. The couple was walking along the road, and close to Church when they got killed and shot. As the police arrived at the location, they discovered three bodies, including two women and a man who had been killed. One woman survived, however, the other one was dead. When the man died, it was a shock. Keep an eye on us as we cover everything in depth regarding the death of Debbie Lachtanski’s trial and the obituary.

Debbie Lechtanski Death Cause And Reason, How Did Debbie Lechtanski Die? What Happened To Him!

Debbie Lechtanski Death Cause

The elderly couple that was found dead was later identified to be Debbie Lechtanski aged 60 years old along with the husband of Debbie Robert Lechtanski who is aged at 62 years old. It was also discovered to the authorities that this shooting wasn’t an ordinary incident that is usually used to justify an argument or a spree and neither was the shooting a robbery. It was an act of mass suicide, in which two persons, including the couple died, and one person among the three survivors survived. The third person injured in the shooting was Gisele Montero. Montero was alive and breathing after the police were notified and they were taken to the hospital. Montero was taken to the hospital, where she is being treated.

The incident happened on November 26th at 1 am. police were notified of shootings that were heard at the intersection of 2800 W. Calvert Road and neighbors informed police. When the police arrived, Montero was transported to the hospital in where she is being taken care of and is in ongoing condition. Police also said that the couple was killed by one before and later, they confirmed they believe that Robert was the one who killed his wife and partner, Montero. It was a failed attempt to commit suicide in mass. Although the couple was dead, Montero remains alive. Three of the people involved in the shooting were hit with one shot each.

One of the people from the Vigil De Damian who held payment in memory of the decedent, who was named Damian said that he had known Robert from the Broadway Church. Damian said the fact that Robert was the one who was carrying a gun before, and it was not a new thing to him that Robert was experiencing issues. Damian also said that Robert isn’t the only one in the area with guns. There are others. Damian said that even though Robert killed his wife, and shot himself but he was a totally different person prior to that and everyone held them in their hearts too. Damian said that Robert could have fallen in a predicament that was not able to find the way out of.

Damian also stated in his remarks that this isn’t the first time that a homicide has occurred as a result of shootings, however many other shootings were recorded in the same region. When he spoke about the church and the vigil that they have held on the prayers of those who have passed away every time someone dies. Every time there is a murder or homicide investigation taking place in the area, St. Joseph County has decided to continue to pray for those who died. The Native prayer group has decided to maintain an oath for those who passed away during the murder.



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