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Debanhi Escobar Motel Video Leaked Watch CCTV Footage Entering In Motel Where Dead Body Found

Debanhi Escobar Motel Video Leaked Watch CCTV Footage Entering In Motel Where Dead Body Found One after another many new developments is added in the case of Debanhi Escobar. Another leaked surveillance video captures Debanhi Escobar passing the entrance of a trucking firm earlier this month prior to the 18-years-old Mexican girl walking into a motel and mysteriously wound up dead in a water tank. The 7-second footage views Escobar walking along the sidewalk of the road adjacent to the Transportes Internacionales Alcosa around 04:30 AM on 9th April 2022 in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon. The law pupil, as per investigators with the Nuevo Leon State Office of the Attorney General, stops in front of a restaurant outside the Nueva Castilla Motel prior to she walked up the driveway.

Debanhi Escobar Motel Video

Debanhi Escobar Motel Video

Escobar attempts to look through one of the restaurant windows. she was discovered days later in a disclosed cistern next to a wall. On Tuesday, homicide detectives and forensics workers came back to the restaurant, which remains closed, and searched for additional proof to aid an investigation. The Nuevo Leon state office of the Attorney General stated the management staff of the Nueva Castilla Motel impeded the probe by rejecting to turn over its security camera videos.

This comes after the teen’s grieving father, Mario Escobar stated Tuesday that he is considering exhuming the body of his daughter, which was buried Saturday, to conduct a second postmortem. He still doubts the death cause of Escobar was a contusion to the skull, stressing that the video footage previously made available to him did not view the moment his daughter flipped out in the cistern.

“But at no time is it watched, as they had commented, that she falls (into the cistern), Mario Escobar stated, as quoted by El Universal. “All of this has to be analyzed.” He also comes up prior to the Nuevo León Human Rights Commission on Tuesday and lodged a complaint about the death of his daughter and the way the probe has been run. Follow For More Update

Olga Susana Méndez, Nuevo León Human Rights Commission director said in an interview with Milenio that “As a commission, we have to analyze the search and location protocol for Debanhi and analyze each of the duties that correspond to the prosecution, such as the National Search Commission, how the protocol establishes that they must carry out that location, that search, how it was done and determine any possible deletion by the authorities.”

Escobar vanished after going out to party with 2 pals in the city of Escobedo on 8th April 2022. A haunting picture of her was snapped by Juan David Cuellar, a rideshare driver, on 9th April after she got out of his vehicle close to an intersection.



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