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Chrisean rock Video Chrisean Rock Tapes With Blueface Chrisean Rock Tape

Chrisean Rock video of Blueface and her having s*x to her Instagram Story. The video goes viral on Twitter, and other social media platforms. Within a few minutes, she uploaded another private video to Instagram with Blueface. After Blueface and Chrisean Rock went public on Instagram, the tumultuous couple is back on Twitter. Chrisean Rock joined Instagram Live on Sunday, 2 October 2018, to vent about her heated dispute with Blueface.

Chrisean Rock video

Chrisean Rock video

Rock claimed she had stolen her boyfriend’s cellphone during the live stream after accusing him cheating. She said, “I almost went to prison, yo.” I swear to God. She also said, “I broke everything in hotel room in front nigga [Blueface]”. Rock continued to giggle while continuing, “I broke the TV, and the window.” Rock had to sprint from one hotel to the next. Rock is believed to believe that Jaidyn Alexis is cheating on him as a 25-year-old rapper.

Blueface was also accused by Baddies South’s star of cheating on Blueface with a “broke b***h*”, most likely a friend. Rock started to cry as she wondered why Thotiana’s hitmaker kept cheating on her. She murmured, “I’m hurting inside man.” Blueface did eventually call his cell phone, allegedly from a hotel room. The couple continued to fight.

Rock later in the stream compares herself to Jesus while Blueface, whose real identity is Johnathan Jamall Porter refers to John in John’s Bible. Blueface and Chrisean Rock were not the only drama that night. Blueface received a call from Karlissa Saffold, Blueface’s mother. She wanted to know about her son’s whereabouts. They also seemed to be able to communicate with one another almost in civil terms despite their past violence.

Baltimore’s native joked even about holding Blueface captive. She replied, “Maybe, maybe not.” He might be gone. Rock accidentally revealed the Blueface infant girl’s face to Jaidyn Alexis, during an Instagram Live. She said, “Oops, I wasn’t supposed to show you all his baby.” Saffold, on the other side, shared that Rock’s error allowed her to see her granddaughter for first time via her Instagram Live.



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