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Carmen Piscioneri Wife Of MAHMOUD ‘BROWNIE’ AHMAD Wiki Bio Age And Instagram

Carmen Piscioneri Wife Of MAHMOUD ‘BROWNIE’ AHMAD WIFE Wiki Bio Age And Instagram  Netizens love to learn more about their favorite subject, whether it’s related to famous or not-so-well-known personalities. People are searching for information about the wife of the Syndey underworld’s notorious Syndey woman, who is currently trending on the internet. Carmen Positioner is at the top of the search results. Carmen Positioner is famous for being the wife to Mahmoud Ahmad (an infamous Sydney underworld personality) who was fatally shot in a hailof gunfire in the southwest Sydney area on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

Carmen Piscioneri Wife Of MAHMOUD ‘BROWNIE’ AHMAD WIFE Wiki Bio Age And Instagram

According to reports, Mahmoud Brownie Ahamad, a companion on a Greenacre suburban street, was shot and killed on Wednesday. He was being offered a $1million reward. We have attempted to include all details about his wife in this blog. Keep reading to learn more about her.

Carmen Piscioneri Wife Of MAHMOUD ‘BROWNIE’ AHMAD

According to a media outlet Carmen Piscioneri was 32 in 2018 so she is now 36. After serving a five-year sentence in prison for the murder of a gangland competitor, Ahamand, her husband was released six months earlier. His enemies had been out to get him.

Ahmad survived another attempt to kill him after he was informed of a planned attack on him in broad daylight at Rushcutters Bay Park last October. Ahmad was repeatedly told by police that he was wanted and that his life was at risk. The heartbroken family of Ahmad arrived at the crime scene on Thursday morning to collect their loved ones. Police refused them admission into the area that was cordoned off, which infuriated the family.

According to Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty of Homicide Squad, Ahmas was walking with an associate in the street when he was struck by “huge hails of gunfire” while he was going home. He continued to say that Ahmad was not the only person in the street at the time. Cops are currently investigating the deaths of Ahmad and a large number of people of interest.


Carmen Piscioneri, Mahmoud’s wife, receives a summons to pay a tax bill of nearly $1 million. It was issued on 21 March. She sold their 5-bedroom Greenacre home at Highview Ave for $1.2million on 4 April 2018. Although no information regarding her earnings or income has been released,



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