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Boy, 12, found dead on river bank by dad after being killed in frenzied knife attack as mum arrested

Boy, 12, found dead on the river bank by dad after being killed in a frenzied knife attack as mum arrested We don’t think that a mother could harm her children since she was the person who always protects her children. However, anything is possible in the 21st century The most recent instance is trending on the internet. The body of a boy who was 12 years old was discovered by his father. He immediately informed authorities and, during examination, the police discovered the mother of his victim was the culprit behind his murder.

Boy, 12, found dead on river bank by dad after being killed in frenzied knife attack as mum arrested

killed in a frenzied knife attack

The news has drawn the attention of everyone and shocked people to learn that the mother was the one responsible for the murder. This news has attracted the attention of the public and they are eager to find out what happened. According to the report, the teen who was missing was identified as being missingprior to his father locating the corpse that belonged to his son, in the town of Marseille. The incident took place in the southern region of France. According to the father’s report the body of the deceased was found on the banks of the river Huveaune.

The family said that the boy along with his mother went for a walk . The boy last saw his mother on Friday 28th October 2022. He then was reported lost. The mother returned to confused and told her family members that her son was missing. Immediately she made an missing report about her son with the police. The police also took the issue seriously and started to search for him, along with his family. Police and family members were extremely worried about the boy.

They wanted him to return home in safety, but they did not know that the boy wouldn’t ever return. While searching of the family, the uncle and dad of the child discovered his jacket by the side of the river morning of the 29th Oct 2022. On the same day they find the body of the boy, which was covered in blood and stabbing wounds were evidently visible on the body. The police were able to thoroughly question mother and she divulged the details of the truth before the police.

Mother of offspring arrested by the police in the evening of Saturday 28th Oct 2022 “in light of the discovery” of the body by probers in the home that belonged to the family. In Marseille, Dominique Laurens, the public prosecutor said the presence of “several evidence of blood in the path to the discovery of the body.” Police have not revealed the motive for the killing however we hope that they will provide some information that can aid in determining the motive behind the killing. For more information, contact us.



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