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Black Pastor Arrested? Why Was Black Pastor Arrest Reason And Charges Explored!

Black Pastor Arrested? Why Was Black Pastor Arrest Reason And Charges Explored! While the world has changed, some still discriminate against people based on their gender, color, or caste. Many of these cases involve people being oppressed by others. A black pastor was recently detained for merely watering the flowers of his neighbor. People are eager to learn more about this case. The pastor of black decided to sue the police for his arrest.

Black Pastor Arrested

Black Pastor Arrested

According to the most recent report, Michael Jennings is the Black pastor. He resides at Vision of Abundant Life Ministries in Sylacauga. The cops detained him in May 2022. After cops receive a 911 call about a suspicious man and a vehicle on the property of a neighbor, Michael was quickly detained. The neighbors confirmed him, and cops handcuffed him despite the good intentions of the pastor. The cops found out later that the 911 caller was not the accused. The Pastor has now filed a lawsuit against the police for refusing to respect his rights and racially marking the pastor.

According to media reports, Jennings is seen laughing incredulously and saying that “You all racially mark me.” A bodycam video taken by the Police Department of Childersburg in Alabama shows Michael responding, “We aren’t racially marking” Michael then replied, “Yes, we were.” The web video of Michael’s arrest showed the process of his detention and the conversation between police officers and the innocent victim. It is clear that Pastor was being held by cops. He tried to explain that he was simply giving water to his neighbor’s flowers, but a cop asked him, “How can we tell that is true?”

The black pastor said that “You could see water in mine and I was just watering the flowers.” Three officers from Childersburg’s Police Department shouted at Jennings when he refused to provide identification. Michael was supported by a local citizen, who said that the pastor lived there. The cops then asked if the pastor had permission to water the flowers. After the lady replied, “He might because they are friends and the family is far away. That is why Michael is watering their flowers.” It would be perfectly normal.



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