Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 17 June 2023, Elimination Voting Trend, Who Gets Nominate This Week!

We are going to talk about the reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam. This show has a great TRP. Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 , a non-scripted Indian Malayalam language reality television show, is a popular game show. Endemol Shine India produced this show. This is an adaptation of the reality TV series of the same title, which was an adaptation from the Dutch reality television franchise “Big Brother”, developed by Endemol. This show is amazing and is a great example of entertainment.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 17 June 2023, Elimination Voting Trend, Who Gets Nominate This Week!

Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 17 June 2023

Since 2018, Biss Boss is broadcasted on Asianet. The show follows the same format as other national editions. This show is very popular. This show is a national version of the show. The contestants that come to the show are called housemates. They monitor the show live. The show captured everything, whether it was a fight or a love story, the show had it all. They came to make friends, but unfortunately some fights happened in the show. The next section will tell you more about the show.

They have to isolate themselves. They must distance themselves from the rest of the world. They cannot meet their family and friends. They don’t know what is going on outside. Live television cameras and audio microphones are constantly monitoring them. The housemates are able to live the show in a fantastic way throughout the competition. The contestants are all outstanding. In the next section, we will give you details about the show.

The show refers to all contestants as “housemates”. The contestants are following the rules of the show. Format was the reason why this show became so amazing. This show has a large fan base. You can find everything you need in this show. The show is attracting more and more fans for all the contestants. Their fan base has grown since they came to the show. You can find out more about the show in the following section.

Bigg Boss 5 Malayalam Vote Result Percentage 17th June 2023

Akhil – 58.28% (9,751 votes)
Shiju – 11.51% (1,925 votes)
Junaiz – 8.21% (1,374 votes)
Aniyan – 6.29% (1,053 votes)
Cerena – 5.6% (937 votes)
Reneesha – 4.64% (776 votes)
Nadira – 2.85% (477 votes)
Anu – 2.61% (437 votes)

Total votes – 16730 votes

The contestants all try their best to get a place on the show. Fans are always curious about who will be eliminated each week. We all know that eliminations are a crucial part of the show. This round is a must for everyone. The contestants are evicted from the show one by one and the remaining ones become the winners. We know all contestants are there in the hopes of winning. Every week, they do their best to keep their spot. Scroll down to find out more about the show.

You would know that if you were a regular viewer of the show, you’d have a good idea of how the contestants in the show handle the challenges and do their best to overcome them. The captain is a well-known position. Everyone must follow the captain’s instructions. Mohanlal, the host of the program, is an excellent performer and entertains everyone. Scroll down to learn more about the show.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Nomination List for Week 16th

  • Akhil
  • Aniyan
  • Cerena
  • Junaiz

BB Malayalam Season 5 Contestants List:

  • Aiswarya
  • Akhil
  • Angeline
  • Nadira
  • Reneesha
  • Sagar
  • Shiju
  • Rinosh
  • Sruthi
  • Vishnu
  • Anjuz
  • Aniyan
  • Cerena
  • Sobha
  • Sreedevi
  • Junaiz
  • Gopika
  • Maneesha

We have revealed the names of contestants who took part in the show. The show has eliminated several contestants. This show is fantastic and amazing. The make-good challenges are a great success for all the creators. The contestants take part in the challenges to try and win. The Bigg Boss premiered on March 26th 2023. This show was broadcast on Asianet. When we speak about Bigg Boss Malayalam 5, the voting method is Hotstar. Google and Missed call. Hotstar is the live streaming platform and Malayalam is the language. As a winner, the winner receives a good amount of prize money. The prize money is Rs. 50 Lakh). The entire episode is available at 7 PM. This article contains all the information we have collected from other sources about the show.

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