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Big Mouth K-Drama Episode 16 Spoiler Release Date & Time Explored!

Big Mouth K-Drama Episode 16 Spoiler Release Date & Time Explored! Korean customs and culture have spread across the globe as Korean dramas are adored by a large number of people. While some people enjoy old Korean dramas however the newest Korean dramas are creating history with the introduction of many modern and trendy dramas that are quite interesting and exciting. One of the dramas is taking over fans of drams is Big Mouth which is getting broadcast on a massive size. The story has also been featured by Disney + where they described the show as a tale of the life of a lawyer. Learn more about the show Big Mouth and also learn about the latest episode, which was scheduled to air this week.

Big Mouth K-Drama Episode 16 Spoiler Release Date & Time Explored!

Big Mouth K-Drama Episode 16 Spoiler

In terms of the genre used in the drama, it is a thriller with a twist of crime and the show’s direction is by Oh Choong Hwan. Starring Lee Jong-Sukmun-Yoon-ah Kim Joo-hun Kwak Dong-Yeon, as well as Yang Kyung-Won. The show is currently running on MBC’s Saturday and Friday slots at 10 pm. Each week. The story follows one lawyer who is encased in a murder trial and is turned into a conman in the blink of an eye. He faces a major conspiracy that is taking place, and he survives the plot and comes out alive. The most recent episode that aired on a Saturday, so let us know about the best moments of the show. We will also learn the details about Episode 16, which ran for 71.1 minutes.

The show begins with Do-ha and CHnagho who are fighting while on the other side Mi-ho, as well as Jerry are headed to the fish factory , and destroy the property. Also, there is a fighting scene between the two , and Chang-ho is able to see the length that the discussion. Mi-ho decides not to hurt the owner of the farm and tries to gather information. CHnag-ho is going to be interrogated by Do-ha regarding the election and the claims that are coming true. Chai-bong gets scared and helps to stop the intruders from causing harm. Chang talks about various topics like NF9 and Doha is more irritated by this.

Mi-Ho gets a recording of confession while Do-Ha gets somewhat uncomfortable and spends time recollecting her thoughts. The evidence is taken by MI-ho at the farm, which he believes is evidence. When Mi-Ho is trying to escape to the TV station with evidence in pieces but he is prevented from doing so as Chun-Sik suggests Jerry help rescue MI-HO. Chai-bong and Dugyun attempt to find Mi-HO, and then inform police, while Soon-tae collects details about all the details. Mi-Ho is driving the car and Chai-bongs is suspicious about their security. The two characters are taken into custody, however, an emotion-filled scene unfolds, where Mi-Ho’s joy is evident.



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