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Bethany Hastings & Pitbull Fight Video, Mom Saves 2 Children From Dog While Fire Ants Bit Her

Bethany Hastings & Pitbull Fight Video, Mom Saves 2 Children From Dog While Fire Ants Bit Her As fundraising efforts for the family begin, it is now that the bravery story of a mother is coming to light. Bethany Hastings was a courageous mother of two children and was admitted to the hospital on the 26 th April. Bethany and her son were discharged from the hospital that evening. However, Bethany’s daughter sustained severe injuries which required her to stay in the hospital for four days. Bethany is the mother of two children: Lainey, her 4-year-old daughter, and Wesley, her 2-year-old son. She lives in Berkeley County, Southern California.

Bethany Hastings & Pitbull Fight Video, Mom Saves 2 Children From Dog While Fire Ants Bit Her

They were subject to an awful incident that left them in a constant state of terror. Their lives were almost ended by an unfortunate incident. Bethany, a nurse by trade, had experienced major terror. Bethany spotted her dementia-afflicted neighbor wandering around her yard on April 26. Concerned, Bethany decided to return her neighbor to her house. Because she had two children to care for, she decided to bring her children with her. The neighbor’s dog, whose rope was untied, attacked Bethany and her children when she entered the property.

Bethany Hastings & Pitbull Fight Video

Bethany stated that she and her husband have never been through anything like it in their lives. The dog, which was angry at Bethany for having to enter the house, attacked her son viciously and bit him. The dog attacked her son and her daughter was scared. Lainey stated that the dog attacked her brother first, then her mother, then her sister. The mother bravely rescued her daughter from the pit bull after it began biting her daughter. Finally, the dog bit and scratched her. Bethany made a statement that she had no choice but to give in. Follow For More Update

Bethany held the dog for fifteen minutes, and she claimed that it was truly amazing and spine-chilling. She called 911 to get help while holding the dog in one hand. While her children cried and screamed for help, she held the dog with one hand. She had no choice but to keep the dog. She could have let her children go, but she didn’t want to risk their lives. She said that the fire ants had bit her entire body while she was holding the dog. As rescuers tried to reach the area, a neighbor arrived and helped. The neighbor helped the children get into their car.

Mom Saves 2 Children From Dog

The mother was helped by the rescuers. They were soon admitted to hospital and treated. Lainey remained in hospital for four more days while the mother and son were treated. She had suffered severe injuries and needed stitches. It was still a terrible incident for their family. One of their relatives started a Gofund Me fundraiser to highlight the story of the mother who saved her son and raise funds for their family. People who owned pets were asked to tie them up to ensure that the penalty was not passed on to others.



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