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Anna K-Drama 2022 Spoilers Release Date Time Cast And Summary Revealed!

Anna K-Drama 2022 Spoilers Release Date Time Cast And Summary Revealed! This article is intended to inform you about the release date for the eagerly awaited Korean drama series titled Anna. Are you aware of who plays Anna? And when is this drama due to be released? We don’t know the answer to that question, so we will educate you on Anna’s release date, who is playing the lead role, and the cast list for the Korean drama Anna. We recommend that you read this column until the end as we have provided a lot of information about Anna. Let’s start with Anna’s main character and the star cast. Scroll down to learn more about Anna’s role.

Anna K-Drama 2022 Spoilers Release Date

Anna K-Drama 2022 Spoilers Release Date

Bae Suzy is the star at the forefront of Anna’s star cast. Bae Suzy will appear in and as Anna. Bae Suzy, the queen of Korean drama, has been featured in many notable shows such as Start-Up where she was cast against Nam Joo Hyuk. Anna will now feature as the reigning queen of Korean dramas. What is the release date for Bae Suzy’s Anna episode first? We have compiled a list of the date and time of Anna’s premiere episode’s release. Please take a look at the below.

  • European Time: 1 PM CEST, June 24
  • Central Time: 6 AM CT, June 24
  • Pacific Time: 4 AM PT, June 24
  • Eastern Time: 7 AM ET, June 24
  • British Time: 12 PM BST, June 24
  • Philippine Time: 7 PM in the Philippines, June 24
  • Indian Time: 4.30 PM IST, June 24
  • Japan Time: 8 PM JST, June 24
  • Singapore Time: 7 PM, June 24
  • Australian Time: 8.3O PM ACST, June 24

The much-awaited Anna will air its first episode on Friday, 24 June 2022. The gala day has arrived, and the first Anna episode will air today. It is not available on YouTube. According to reports, Anna’s entire series will air on Coupang Play. Please take a look below to see the release time for each region. Bae Suzy plays Lee Yumi, the story of Anna. She plays a double role in this series. The first episode of the series will give you more information about the show’s plot. There are only a few more hours to go.



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