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Anandha Basu Video Leaked Online, Watch AP Gurukul School Principal Anandha Basu MMS Clip viral

A school principal is making headlines in the last few days after a pupil took this leaked video and uploaded it to the internet. According to the report the principal has been accused of having a romantic relationship with one of his staff members as well as teachers, and also inflicting abuse on others was seen performing indecent actions in his office. The video of the principal became viral on social media, and the situation is being handled by the officials of the state’s education. The video is being shared all over YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram and also on Twitter, where the principal is being attacked.

Anandha Basu Video Leaked Online, Watch AP Gurukul School Principal Anandha Basu MMS Clip viral

Anandha Basu Video

According to the reports, the principal of the school was a victim of abuse and assault against teachers and students from the school. He also has a connection with one staff member also. This incident is a result of an elementary school located in Andhra Pradesh where a student at the school caught the shocking and embarrassing incident of the principal, and uploaded the video on the internet. The students had earlier complained about the principal beating and abusing students twice at the police station nearby and now the evidence of the incident is on the internet. The appearance of the school principal can be evident on the video in a private conversation with one of his staff members.

The incident generated a major outrage among locals and there is a report that claims the principal has been fired in addition. In relation to the incident, it occurred at the Urdu Boarding School located at the Masulipattinam village in the Krishan District from AP State with the name of the headmaster Anandha Basu aged 48 years old. Basu, who serves as the principal of the school, had a relationship with the computer administrator of the school, and he had a brief conversation together in the principal’s office. A different report stated that the principal would enjoy intimate conversations with different teachers in the rooms of the hostel of students.

According to the report, the principal had a variety of illicit relationships with staff members. Students who knew about the things the principal did, recorded the video and posted the video online. The video was recorded by one of the students who took it through the hole which was found in the space that resembled the classroom in which Basu was having private time with his teacher. As the student shared the video, he did it in a flash. After a few minutes, the principal was able to see the student filming the video, and beat them too. As the face of the principal is seen by the press, he’s being targeted online and within the locality too.

Machilipatnam police have detained the principal, who was accused of assault and abuse and is currently in police custody. The district’s educational authorities have also announced that the school has suspended their teacher. They are also going to look after the principal, too, and suspended him too. They also stated that they will question the students, the teachers, and locals regarding the principal. They anticipate resolving this issue as soon as they can. The local police are conducting an investigation into the matter.



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