ALEXEE TREVIZO: Baby Autopsy Photos, Trail of Video of New Mexico Mum Watch Here!

This article will share some very disturbing news. A New Mexico woman has admitted that she threw her baby in the hospital garbage. This story is spreading on the Internet. Alexee Trevizo is the name of her mother. She is only 19 years old. Last week, she was charged with murder in the first degree. She alternately abused a young child, which led to death. There are several pieces of evidence against her. According to police bodycam footage released previously, a New Mexico teenager admitted giving birth in the hospital toilet and hiding the infant in a trash can where it was discovered later dead. Alexee Trevizo was charged with murder in the first degree last week after she gave birth to her baby at Artesia General Hospital.

ALEXEE TREVIZO: Baby Autopsy Photos, Trail of Video of New Mexico Mum Watch Here!


She apologizes for saying that. Trevizo said, “It was her. She didn’t know how to react.” After a doctor told Trevizo and Trevizo’s mother about the discovery of the dead child in the bathroom, Trevizo immediately stated, She told Lexee! She asked Lexee Baby simply to be honest. Her mother answered in tears. Trevizo said that before telling the nurse “it wasn’t crying or anything,” Trevizo “she was scared.” Before Trevizo told the nurse “it wasn’t crying or anything,” Trevizo, stated “she was afraid.” Her mother was visibly angry and shouted “What did it do?” before doctors intervened to stop her from interfering in the police investigation.

Trevizo, who was suffering from back pain, had arrived at the hospital that morning. It was located about 80 miles away from the border between New Mexico and Texas. A doctor tells investigators that Trevizo denies ever having had intercourse despite tests proving she was pregnant. After coaxing her to open the door, doctors found her wiping blood from the floor. She had apparently locked herself into a hospital bathroom for “quite some time.”

The doctors initially feared that the woman had “done anything to herself” to end her pregnancy. Doctor stated that she placed the dead baby in the garbage can, and then another liner clean on top. The child is dead. She killed the child. She will lie to you about what she did. She did not tell doctors that she was pregnant. She lied to doctors about her pregnancy. Later, the New Mexico Office of the Medical Inspector learned that the baby had died in a homicide. This was the case.

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