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Alberton South Africa Video Store Employee ‘Snatching’ Baby CCTV Footage Clip Leaked Online!

Alberton South Africa Video Store Employee ‘Snatching’ Baby CCTV Footage Clip Leaked Online! In Alberton South Africa, shocking news is spreading about a man who abducted a baby from a grocery store. When the mother of the baby saw the incident, she turned around to find the baby’s place. The mother simply put the baby in the trolley and then turned to the grocery store’s refrigerator to get some daily necessities. The incident was captured on CCTV at the supermarket. Danielle Wolff is the victim of the baby snatching. Danielle Wolff posted the video and reported the case to her Facebook account. This video quickly went viral and was deemed shocking and terrible by the mother, who had almost lost her child her entire life.

Alberton South Africa Video

Alberton South Africa Video

This was a tragic accident in her life, as the man had just raped her baby. According to Danielle, Danielle said that Danielle’s eight-month-old baby was in her shopping cart and sitting on her child seat. When she was about to go to get her daily groceries, a stranger approached her to take her baby. This incident was recorded at Superspar supermarket in Alberton, South Africa. The baby’s mother revealed that the experience was terrible, horrible and that it made her feel like she had lost her heartbeat. She saved her daughter from being thrown to the ground, and stopped the man from taking her away. However, the moment was very shocking for her.

She immediately sensed someone trying to touch her baby. She quickly dodged him and began shouting loudly to draw the attention of the crowd. She shouted out loud, “WHERE ARE YOU TAKEN MY BABY?” and held onto her baby tight so that he didn’t try to grab her again. The stranger tried to protect himself by saying that the man was only passing by the baby’s trolley and that her baby was hovering towards him so he tried to grab her for a while. Danielle also revealed that the man laughed at the incident. Danielle was almost paralyzed by the incident.

Employee ‘Snatching’ Baby CCTV Footage

Danielle shouted at him and told him not to touch any child without permission from the parents. She immediately called her husband to ask him to file a complaint against the man who attempted to take the baby girl. The CCTV footage from the supermarket was immediately reviewed by police officers who took immediate action. The details of the case have not been revealed. As the case progresses, we’ll keep you informed.



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