Akanksha Dubey Boyfriend Real Name Images, Who Is Samar Singh Age Bio Pictures And Net Worth

The death announcement of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey has shocked everyone in the Bhojpuri Industry and her fans. Her death announcement is shocking to hear, and many do not believe that she’s no longer than us. One of the saddest aspects is that she shared her final image on Instagram the day prior to her suicide. She appeared to be happy, and the next day, she took her own life. According to reports, her body was discovered in the Varanasi hotel room, where she was staying for the purpose of work. Her numerous projects were on the horizon and she traveled to Varanasi to shoot the purpose of her upcoming film. She was very well-known within the Bhojpuri industry and was renowned for her outstanding dancing and acting skills.

Akanksha Dubey Boyfriend Real Name Images, Who Is Samar Singh Age Bio Pictures And Net Worth

Akanksha Dubey Boyfriend’s Real Name

The actress, who was 25 years old, worked in the industry of entertainment for a long time. She also was active on social media sites where she had a following of over a million. Her debut as an actor was with the film “Meri Jung Mera Faisla”. In addition, she was seen in the films Fighter King, Mujhse Shadi Karogi (Bhojpuri Version) as well as Kasam Paida Karne KI 2, and numerous others. To top it off she was also considered to be among the best admired and talented actors in India’s acting industry.

The people who admire her and her family members are shocked by the news of her passing. The sudden death announcement has brought a lot of questions to the front of people and they are trying to find out the motive behind her brutal step. In the previous paragraph, we said she was found dead inside her hotel room. At first, her followers believed the news was fake, but several media outlets have claimed the story to be accurate. Recently, people have also tried to contact her lover and inquire about her relationship information.

Many sources claim that sources claim that the deceased Bhojpuri actress was involved in a romantic relationship with her co-star Samar Singh. The 25-year-old actress posted several pictures via social networks. She also posted the photo of herself with Samar on her IG handle, and captioned the image with an emoji smile and added “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Many speculate that there was something amiss between them and it could be the cause of her savage stance. We aren’t certain and trying for the correct information to support this, we have attempted to reach Samar but he’s not available and some sources claim that his mobiles are turned off. However no one source has claimed that the two were in a relationship. Samar is extremely secretive about his private life.

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