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A Woman Hit By Roller Coaster Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter And Reddit!

A Woman Hit By Roller Coaster Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter, And Reddit! The number of accidents in amusement parks is on the rise and, unfortunately, this frightening moment is often recorded on video. In this instance, a video was uploaded on Reddit that shows the terrifying moment of a woman that was struck by a roller coaster. The video was shared on Reddit and has since been appearing on other platforms, too. Anyone who hasn’t seen the video has been going excited to watch it and look for websites about the topic. If you’re looking to learn more about viral news, then you’ve come to the right place as in this article you will be able to get all the information about it. As per the most recent news report, there is a video posted on a social media platform that claims that a woman called Shylah Rodden was the victim of a terrifying and frightening crash on a roller coaster.

A Woman Hit By Roller Coaster Video Viral On Social Media, Twitter And Reddit!

Woman Hit By Roller Coaster Video

The terrifying incident occurred on the Sunday of Australia. The horrifying incident is being featured on all the news channels, however it was brought to the attention of the media when a user made a post on Reddit. According to the report the victim of the terrifying roller coaster is thrown off the track and rushed toward the track to recover the cell phone. The 26 year old Roden is in a critical condition. Following the accident she was swiftly transferred to the hospital dubbed Royal Melbourne Hospital after colliding on a roller coaster the night of Sunday the Royal Melbourne Show.

According to the media publication, Rodeen was attempting to retrieve her phone that she dropped while riding the roller coaster. She is trying to get it back. She tried to retrieve it back from beneath the track when suddenly the roller coaster struck her and she was dragged 25ft into the air, before falling to the ground. The victim was just starting to walk again , and the horrific accident happened in the year 2000. A person accidentally recorded the terrifying moment of a woman aged 26 who was injured by the roller coaster and claimed that she “has not been sleeping since the morning” after being devastated by the terrifying incident. Then, the video of the frightening incident was uploaded to Tiktok. The speed of the ride is around 40 mph.

The person who witnessed it was named as Jordan who’s name isn’t known at this time. The media outlet reported that he was filming the roller coaster as his sister and the person on the other side of him circling. Meanwhile, the Roden family members stated that they sustained “terrible and terrifying” injuries, including brain injury as well as numerous fractured bones. Ellen Roden, the father of the patient, said that “The wounds my daughter suffered were very dangerous and terrifying. There are fractures on numerous bones as well as brain injuries. Legs, arms as well as pelvis, neck, back is the only thing that isn’t broken.”



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