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10 Years Old CHRISLAND SCHOOL GIRL Leaked Video, CHRISLAND Scandal Explained!

10 Years Old CHRISLAND SCHOOL GIRL Leaked Video, CHRISLAND Scandal Explained!  The mother of the girl who was gang-raped recorded a video and asked for help. The video is drawing a lot attention on social media and the internet. Everybody wants to know the truth. It searched the internet and social media to discover the truth. The girl was allegedly e raped by male students. The mother of the girl claimed that her daughter was taken on a school trip to Dubai. Some male students tried to rape her. She also complained about the school. Stay connected to our article as we will provide you with all the information possible about this situation

10 Years Old CHRISLAND SCHOOL GIRL Leaked Video, CHRISLAND Scandal Explained!

However, the school did not take strong action in this regard. Instead, they tried to be kind to my daughter. The school management also gave her a resignation letter. Social media users and individuals are interested in the matter. They want to know what the truth is. According to the video, the mother of the teenage girl posted it. According to the video, the mother said that her daughter had been gang-raped on the trip that was organized by her school. She also said that her daughter told me the truth about what she did when she went to breakfast each morning. One of the students asked her to give her her charger as his was not charging. The girl gave him the charger for his phone.

10 Years Old CHRISLAND SCHOOL GIRL Leaked Video

The male student called her to their room to retrieve her charger after dinner. But she is not allowed to enter the room. One of them suggested that she take her charger to the Washroom. She goes to the bathroom to get her charger. However, they then cover her and touch her. They also tried to rape her in the washroom. The girl was now completely depressed and didn’t know what had happened. According to her mother, she was invited by the school to interrogate and meet about this incident. The school administration didn’t tell her why she was there.Mrs. Azike is the headteacher at the school and calls the mother of the little girl. The father of the lady said that there were 2 more women in the room when he entered the room. Follow For More Update

According to the teacher, Mrs. Kemi was the first lady. The teacher stated that both of them come from Chrisland headquarters. The mother of the teenage girl asks them if there is any problem. They answer no. After that, the mother stated that her daughter had kissed a boy on the trip to Dubai. The mother replied, “I don’t know what you are talking about she’s not that type of girl.” The management claimed that this happened when they played truth and dare. Mrs. Azike, the headteacher, said that you should not reveal this incident to your husband.

After all this, the mother claimed that they had taken my daughter to Harsh interrogation. They refused to accept my permission. They threaten her and tell her to not tell anyone about it. My daughter is scared. She didn’t tell me about it. My daughter was also taken to school for a gestational test. The school management explained this to her and said they were doing it as a cover test. This all happened almost three times. The school sent me a suspension letter. I need your help. The mother stated this in her video.



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